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 Quit your Whining, and LETS FIGHT!

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PostSubject: Quit your Whining, and LETS FIGHT!   Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:56 pm

We've got to advertise our cause! You think it's okay for them to just go and delete this game? If all else fails, we need some nerds and techs to get a Spineworld VPS! We'll avenge our game's death!! We're players UNITED! WE SAY NO TO BIG BUSINESS! PLAYDO'S A SMALL COMPANY! WE CAN DEFEAT THEM! Maybe we can even save up, all of us, and put it all together, and buy Spineworld's Rights, Logos, and affiliated characters! We can do this guys! I know in my heart that one day Spineworld will come back better than ever, and we'll cheer: WE WIN!! We'll be VICTORIOUS. I cried all day when I found out what Spineworld became...I remember it so fondly in my memory...>_> That day I failed my english test...I made a "G" which is like a B- in public school.GUYS WE CAN DO THIS! I WAS THE #1 SKYDIVER IN SPINEWORLD, SO I HAVE SOME FUCKING HIGH HOPES FOR OUR CAUSE! And yes I was the one at the top of the high scores ! Now, here's the plan:
1. http://squidoo.com/spineworld Vote: Hells Freaking Yes!
2. Advertise our cause!
3. Keep the memories strong of spineworld! Get your hypercam's videos out and we'll make movies about the gameplay! MMOHut has a great one on youtube btw
4. Gather up your friends and tell them about how kickass Spineworld was!
5. Get angry at Playdo, spam their inboxes, and ruin Migoland!!

Alright guys! We can do this. We can win. We're Spineworld.

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Quit your Whining, and LETS FIGHT!
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